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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Having been given the gentlest of rows by blogging friends to get somethin up on this site - here's a little art work hott off the press.

I came across this letter in a second hand book shop over Christmas and thought the words were absolutley incredible. You just couldn't have made something like that up. The pencil sketch comes fromt the front cover of a mills and boon novel. There's plenty of mileage to make a word piece out of this I'm sure.


Blogger thebluefish said...

Cool! Thats the kind of blogging we like to see.

4:02 AM

Blogger -bb- said...

yes...ally-tastic!! you could create a whole big piece from this. there's juts enough mystery in the narrative to use your imagination and of course it links so well into the mills and boon stuff you do...welcome to blogosphere! YES!! and we didnt even have to campaign!

3:04 PM

Blogger Nathan said...

I think we may have cracked the key to getting reluctant bloggers on the go: get them really tired and go on and on about it. Good job, Ally. This is some awesome work mate.

1:32 AM

Blogger Mads said...

i love the fact that you take such an intimate letter and you create with it something that you have thought of, but may never have been intended by the author. the words and sentiment are timeless, but yet are encapsulated in that time too, symbolised by the fact that its a letter that had to be read a that time. i think its really powerful, and would like to see more!

6:39 AM


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